roger waters concert

It was fabulous! I came with low expectations and was shocked by the sheer size of the concert(55-60 thousand people) the prodution and sound quality(quadro sound) and of course the music itself(selected works by waters with and without pink floyd followed by the whole dark side of the moon).

Waters still has most of his voice which is not bad for a half deaf, sixty three year old architect.

Dave Kilminster(I hope I am spelling it right) sang all the Gilmore vocals admirably, Carol Canyon(again,I hope I am spelling it right) did a terrific job performing “Great Gig In The Sky”. Snowey White did a great job as lead guitar player(and the only one who improvised) and the rest of the band was very right on.

It was well worth the 375 NIS(85$) ticket and the three hour traffic jam.

I read somewhere that in the english speaking world one in fourteen people over fifty owns a copy the dark side. I have the aniversairy vynil edition.


I seem to like taking pictures of stuff people arent generally intrested in, yet I would like to get appreceation and finance my hobby without shooting weddings. I lost online contests to worse pictures with unintresting content – naked ladies with arched backs on beaches and cuddly kittens – overphotoshoped cliche’s with vynil skin tones and no texture(digital color IS dreamy). The only picture ever winning a contest was this one:

Pentax k1000 K mount to m42 adapter,zenit extension rings,pentacon 50/1.8 at f1.8 1/125,konica minolta 200VX film and one tablelamp.

third place in Haifa Technion monthly contest- a subscription to DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY a second tier Israeli magazine with no content whatsoever.

A couple of “pictures of the day” at

I will continue searching for codes and second meanings in the mundane and become graduatly poorer. I cant get any decent prints and my darkroom isn’t ready yet.

new stereo – bear with me

I purchased a mint Rega Planar record player(330$);a new grado gold cartridge(145$)
and well used Infinity speakers(three element – ribbon tweeter new membranes) from the seventies(175$).

Hooked it with my sony TA-70 integrated amp and can’t stop listening to music for 3 days now.

I will get a rotel CD and some kind of old school analogue ampreciever in the foreseeable future.


Krematoriy – a russian rock band that started in the early eighties and still keeps going. Was a bitching show. I almost cried hearing the songs I grew up listening.

fm2n fujifilm 400 x-tra ; 800 fuji press

I know there was a secret cord that David played and he pleased the Lord

This picture makes me think of Leonard Cohen. Petax K-1000;50/2A SMC;tmax 400 in tetenal 1+20 for 12 minutes

Of to Prague (6 days 5 nights)in 2 days with Anna(My girlfriend). I am excited. I take to much equipment and end up using the 50 lens.

I will take a nikon fm2n 50/1.4AI;28/1.8 sigma aspherical;75-135/3.5 e series for color and a pentax k1000+50/2A SMC for black and white,two small flashes(one smaller one bigger),cable release, tabletop tripod, polarizer, yellow and red filters,5 rolls of fujifilm x-tra 400,2 of proplus II 100,4 of tmax 400 and 4 of tmax 100. I might get some slide films there. If the yashicamat would be working I’d take it for black and white but , alas, it is at the fixers.

Jerusalem in Color

shot on this easter,and the one before it.

The young woman before of the altar was a tourist who just strated singing latin psalms in a clear voice which resonated of the high ceiling. It was a religious experience even for me(being a non practicing non religous Jew).The colors are dimmed on purpose(Gimp 2)fujifilm x-tra 400 nikon fm2n 50/1.4 AI.

The red robe was just hanging in a corner of the grotto church in Gethsphemane gardens fujifilm proplus II 100 nikon fm2n 50/1.4 AI(f1.4 1/30).

The Armenian priests is a picture from one year ago in the church of the holy sepulchre. Practika mtl 3 50/1.8 pentacon lens,kodak gold 200(I think)(1.8 1/30). The praktica is dead now and I exchanged it’s corpse(with a minolta x-300 corpse and a sigma zoom for the minolta) for a changing bag and a tabletop tripod.


I developed several films from my new zorki 4 with jupiter 8 so an illustrated review will be posted soon enough.

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