roger waters concert

It was fabulous! I came with low expectations and was shocked by the sheer size of the concert(55-60 thousand people) the prodution and sound quality(quadro sound) and of course the music itself(selected works by waters with and without pink floyd followed by the whole dark side of the moon).

Waters still has most of his voice which is not bad for a half deaf, sixty three year old architect.

Dave Kilminster(I hope I am spelling it right) sang all the Gilmore vocals admirably, Carol Canyon(again,I hope I am spelling it right) did a terrific job performing “Great Gig In The Sky”. Snowey White did a great job as lead guitar player(and the only one who improvised) and the rest of the band was very right on.

It was well worth the 375 NIS(85$) ticket and the three hour traffic jam.

I read somewhere that in the english speaking world one in fourteen people over fifty owns a copy the dark side. I have the aniversairy vynil edition.

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