I seem to like taking pictures of stuff people arent generally intrested in, yet I would like to get appreceation and finance my hobby without shooting weddings. I lost online contests to worse pictures with unintresting content – naked ladies with arched backs on beaches and cuddly kittens – overphotoshoped cliche’s with vynil skin tones and no texture(digital color IS dreamy). The only picture ever winning a contest was this one:

Pentax k1000 K mount to m42 adapter,zenit extension rings,pentacon 50/1.8 at f1.8 1/125,konica minolta 200VX film and one tablelamp.

third place in Haifa Technion monthly contest- a subscription to DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY a second tier Israeli magazine with no content whatsoever.

A couple of “pictures of the day” at

I will continue searching for codes and second meanings in the mundane and become graduatly poorer. I cant get any decent prints and my darkroom isn’t ready yet.

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