Jerusalem in Color

shot on this easter,and the one before it.

The young woman before of the altar was a tourist who just strated singing latin psalms in a clear voice which resonated of the high ceiling. It was a religious experience even for me(being a non practicing non religous Jew).The colors are dimmed on purpose(Gimp 2)fujifilm x-tra 400 nikon fm2n 50/1.4 AI.

The red robe was just hanging in a corner of the grotto church in Gethsphemane gardens fujifilm proplus II 100 nikon fm2n 50/1.4 AI(f1.4 1/30).

The Armenian priests is a picture from one year ago in the church of the holy sepulchre. Practika mtl 3 50/1.8 pentacon lens,kodak gold 200(I think)(1.8 1/30). The praktica is dead now and I exchanged it’s corpse(with a minolta x-300 corpse and a sigma zoom for the minolta) for a changing bag and a tabletop tripod.


I developed several films from my new zorki 4 with jupiter 8 so an illustrated review will be posted soon enough.

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