I know there was a secret cord that David played and he pleased the Lord

This picture makes me think of Leonard Cohen. Petax K-1000;50/2A SMC;tmax 400 in tetenal 1+20 for 12 minutes

Of to Prague (6 days 5 nights)in 2 days with Anna(My girlfriend). I am excited. I take to much equipment and end up using the 50 lens.

I will take a nikon fm2n 50/1.4AI;28/1.8 sigma aspherical;75-135/3.5 e series for color and a pentax k1000+50/2A SMC for black and white,two small flashes(one smaller one bigger),cable release, tabletop tripod, polarizer, yellow and red filters,5 rolls of fujifilm x-tra 400,2 of proplus II 100,4 of tmax 400 and 4 of tmax 100. I might get some slide films there. If the yashicamat would be working I’d take it for black and white but , alas, it is at the fixers.

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