I looked at the scans – they are all dusty and the color is off. Something is wrong with the scannersoftware. I managed to Salvage three pictures out of 70.

I am thinking of buying an Epson 4490. I just wonder if it’s good enough for 20×30(8×10) and 30×40(11×14) prints from 35mm negative scans. I know it is good enough for medium format.
How good is the ICE?I need it for color(and BW for web use only).

Any opinions?

Here’s a picture of Sunrise in the Arava(the road from the Negev to Eilat).It’s one of the theree decent pictures from the scans.

Nikon fm2n,75-150/3.5 E series zoom lens,100 iso kodak profoto film,handheld,about 4:30 in the morning.

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