New Toys – Scanned films!

Greyhoundman was very kind and sent me a new focusing mechanism for my yashica lynx 14! I installed it – some adjustment needed but will be done later(He was kind enough to explain me how to do that as well).

Iggers was generous and sent me three toys-at his expense(minox el and kiev 35a that need repair and a kiev 35a that works – waiting for the mailman now!) I will send him the elicon 35cm and vilia auto(I need to thank the man somehow,and besides he showed interest in them).

I am considering getting an Olympus PEN F with a couple of lenses(“normal”38/1.8; soligor 100/2.8) for very cheap – the problem is that it is jammed – I need to check if I can find a repair tech for it or do it myself. I wanted one for a while but they are pricey.
Wouldn’t mind finding a nikonm42 adapter for it.

I recieved three scanned films from Avi Agronov(color – two from Petra one “generic”) so something will be up pretty soon.

Recieved 20 or so records, mostly classical(Vienna Boys Quire singing Lieders for example – A romanian conductor I don’t know doing highlights from Peer Gynt and Nutcracker ), One Uriah Heep(cute), the Rolling Stones(Live at ’81 – great) and a couple of really ecclectic ones(WHAM!-to the bin ,the soundtrack from Zorba the Greek and Amalia Rodriguez).

Will listen and throw awaydonate what I don’t like. The scratched ones are “plastic cover donors” for my old records that have bad ones.

Mood is positive.

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