Old pics from Barcelona

Since I haven’t been scanning new stuff(and there is new stuff),and I don’t want to bore my readers I am posting some o my Barcelona pics(from a week I spent there a
year and a half ago).All the color is crappy Kodak consumer 400 film (with a strong red when appropriate and inappropriate)shot with a practice mtl3(now dead) and a 50/1.8 Pentacon automatic(used for macro nowadays),the BW is ilford pan 400 in expired tetenal 1+10
exposed at 800 with a canonet 17 GIII QL (which I could’t like so I traded it for my nikon mount sigma 28/1.8 and never regretted since-it was a great lens trapped in a shitty body with a pentagonal diaphragm). The girl and the Miro statue are a crop,the monks statues are from Monserat.
The scratches on the BW film are probably my fault and the borders on the color ones are just bad scanning were scanned on a Fuji frontier to 2-5 MB Bmp’s(didn’t know any better then).
I will publish a select batch from Prague anytime soon

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