Jupiter 12 and Helios Viewfinder,Life update

My new toys!I got them from Darkavanger(Massimiliano Mortillaro) from RFF for a very nice price(the lens might need a cla so I’ll probably send it to Oleg Khalyavin just in case). It was made in 1977 not by KMZ(it is a VOOMZ I think). I love the field of view and DOF. I practicly dont need to focus(only at very close distances). I just need to see how much to compensate for parralax and it will become my walkaround lens.

I finally moved in with Anna,and started setting up my darkroom.It is 80% complete. I just need to transfer electricity and add a shelf for the chemical baths. I also need a larger easel,decent negative holders(I improvised a 35mm one – no point thinking of 6×6 with a 5×7 inch easel) and to hook up the red filter.

I am happy we decided against cable TV – we read much more and communicate much better. We listen to much more music. We have 1-2 hours of free time a day more then we used to – and we didint watch much TV to begin with!

I read Closing Time by Josef Heller (and liked it but not as much as I likes Catch 22),Watched La Dolce Vita (and loved it.Made me want a Rolleiflex – but that beside the point – and out of budget) and finished reading In Cold Blood(Truman Capote). The movie Capote connects wonderfully with the book. Now reading The Dance Of Ghengis Cohn by Romain Gary.

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