San Francisco Color and new toys

Big toys for big boys.

Wet asphalt looking smooth and sensual

Are you talking to me?
Closet Romantic
Closed a deal on a canon 35/2.8.Waiting for it to arrive(with the canon 50/1.8)
Got an Olympus Pen F which needs slight repair from a gentleman on RFF. These people just bough a guy in Serbia(?) a bessa R3A(?) – the members collected about 40% and Stephen Gandy added the rest. Someone also donated him an M CV lens. Great people.


This is a window shutter(blind?).
I love the peeling paint. Tel Aviv,Nikon fm2n,Sigma28/1.8,plusX.

My dead computer I sent to the lab – hope they find something and not charge me for work and say it’s a software problem(highly doubt it). I potentially found a canon 35/2.8 for my RF. still waiting for the canon 50/1.8. I don’t want to use the Jupiter on it – but I really want to shoot it allready.

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