Myths,and the Miracle of Life

These are old(1.5-2 years?).They were taken with a pentax k1000+50/2A smc in Lachish – southern Israel.The film was konica vx 200 or kodak gold 200. This wild plum tree is at least a hundred years old, and was rumored by the bedouins to be haunted by devils(to keep children coming back fast from the nearby well with the water). I think it is magical. The myth made the haunting real.So,yes Virginia,there is a Santa Claus.

The border is an unpleasant side effect of a bad scan.I decided to keep them.

I watched Life is a Miracle – great movie – good music,nice composition and acting,great use of animals – I recommend it highly!

I discovered that some of my films(including the Prague unscanned slides and scanned BW) are nowhere to be found. To make a long tory short – the guy that I used had a heart surgery so he closed shop – he transferred all his bussiness to another shop – and the owner of this one can’t find them.Bummer.

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