started getting into the job,bulk loading,soviet and post soviet movies

I started my work shift cycle.It is not as hard as I feared but not really easy also.

I bought a bulk loader and a 30.5 meter roll of ilford pan 400.

20 cassetes 12$
used loader 10$
bulk cassete of film 40$(expensive cause I am in Israel)

sums up to 62 $ for 20 or so 30-36 exposures cassetes.
a cassete of factory loaded 36 exp ilford pan 400 costs 6.5$.
20 of them would cost 130$,maybe 110$ after bulk buy discount.
I also got some chemical storage bottles and a graduated beaker free of charge.
need only a changing bag cause I am tired of improvising.

I have seen a couple of old soviet films.Ballad Of A Soldier and Komissar,the latter being the better one,while I liked both. I watched a new russian movie “First On The Moon” – a pseudo documentary about a russian moon landing conspiracy theory – inspired by Pelevin’s Amon Ra ,I presume.It is not bad at all.

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