New Camera and stuff.

I got some freebies from akptc on RFF.It includes an old camera bag(looks like an old polaroid case),some Sylvania Bulbs,some flashbars and a BROWNIE STARFLEX still with a 127 kodacolor II in it! The film shall go to Gene

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  • who is the undisputed master of found film.
    The camera is small(see wine cork for size reference) and has two appertures and one speed. Someday I will try to respool some 35mm film with 120 backing to try it.
    I also got a screwomunt Zenitar to play with and I did.
    Since I am moving in with Anna I dont think there will be to much posts until I get settled in,get a new internet account etc. I also decided to stop scanning BW film – I will wet print it and scan the prints.This is good enough for web publishing and much cheaper. Yesterday I visited Jerusalem to go to the national museum and visited the church of the Holy Sepulchure and the Monastery of the Cross

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  • which is the last resting place of Shota Rustaveli

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  • I shot a couple of rolls but they will be published much,much later.

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