What I’ve been readin’ and watchin’

I finished reading:

Anais Nin’s Henry and June.I liked it.I wouldnt mind reading Inscest(the sequel).
Shamrock Tea and liked it as well,nice athmosphere.


I re – watched Cronenbergs “The Fly” it’s pretty good as far as quirky horror movies from the eighties go.
Herzog’s short Helcules.It is pointless, but it is his first short so it’s intresting if you want to see how he started.
The Ruttles-all you need is cash – Funny – a must for every Beatles fan.

To Do:
To read short story by Truman Capote and “In Cold Blood”.
Watch La Dolce Vita.

I need some negative holders for my enlarger. Anyone has meopta opemus III 35mm and 6×6 ones? Also true about a 8×10 easel and multicontrast filters.

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