Shadows and Fog;Roger Waters;Nikon 50/1.4;36-72/3.5;75-150/3.5

watched Shadows and fog Woody Allen tribute to german expressionist cinema.Not bad, but he has better films.

Used a couple of lenses(the 50/1.4 i own)

Nikon 50/1.4 AI very very very sharp lens,great color rendition. wow. Blows away my pentax 50/2 and carl zeiss jena auto 50/1.8.It is sharper then the canonet 40/1.7 which is razor sharp.

Nikon E 36-72/3.5 which I loaned from a friend is sharp but prone to flare,but thats life.

Nikon E 75-150/3.5 is a lens I ordered (for 60$)to cover that range(it’s about all the telephoto I will need – it has a reputation of sharpness and compactness)

ROGER WATERS IS COMING TO ISRAEL!!!!I already bought a ticket.375NIS(80$).That IS once in a lifetime experience.Hope he wouldnt cancel.

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