and you thought c-41 was easy part 1

I have given this overdated kodak gold 200 to a new small town minilab – seems easy,right? Well it isn’t. They didnt wash the film right and scratched it.

The objects are decaying roses under a home tungsten light(helios 44-2 58/2 – extension tubes), an old billiards ball,my Rega Planar playing a record,Anna’s hair pins and false vampire teeth drowned in red wax in an old pipe tobacco box(pentacon auto 50/1.8 on extension tubes).Pentax k1000.

Colorscontrast etc. enchnced barbaricly with Microsoft Office Picture Manager(didn’t fix my computer yet)
Scanned on some kind of nikon film scanner by a friend from work(thanks,Avi!).

They did unto the film what Michael Jackson did to kids.

“What God did unto Pederasts”(Black Adder).

I dont blame them for the colors – the light was artificial and the film outdated but the grime and scratches are their evil doing.


I visited Petra(Jordan)on a day trip with Anna and Shay(a photog friend from work).

It was awesome.The place is wonderfull.The light there is horrible by all acounts – I think the best way to go is a medium format camera,wide lens,telephoto lens,tripod,a case of film and a free week.

I will drop the color films in the lab tomorrow.The BW will wait.It is harldy a BW place so I shot just two 120 across rolls.I dont have the neg sleeves for 120 and the shop wants 190 NIS(45$)for a hundred.

My computer died

Due to a viruswormkoreas new bombtrojanaxis of eviltoo much porn.

I hope I’ll be able to save the edited versions of photos I haven’t burnt yet.

I will go to Petra(The Necropolis – a day trip) in a couple of days.

I will probably take the nikon with lenses for color and the yashicamat for b&w(a zorki for backup).This is the first real field test for the CLA’d Yashicamat.

color from jupiter- not impressed

A friend at work got a film scanner.He offered to scan some of my films.
The color is off,but I think it’s the lens(I gave him another film from a lens I know to compare).

Lots of dust.I used the Polaroid software to remove some dust and it softened the files.I am by no means a friend of technology.
The film is a test one so nothing spectacular.

Got some cheap across in 120. The yashicamat will be fed.

Finished reading Meir Shalev’s Blue Mountain(Sipur Russi).Excellent.

A taste of Prague

the setup is like the one in the Dresden post.

Yesternight I printed my first prints.I am never going to print BW in a minilab.
I need much more practice and dust is a problem with my improvised crooked cardboard holder but it is still excellent.


Some pics I took in Dresden,which I visited for a few hours from Prague to see the Gemäldegalerie Alte Meister(Hmmmmmmmm. Albrecht Dürer ).It was probably the best 5 hours I spent in Germany.

The Grünes Gewölbe was briliant.The ultimate “fuck you” to the 17 century commoner.

The Dresdner Frauenkirche is a revelation for any Vonegut fan.

Color was shot on FUJI X-TRA 400 with a nikon fm-2 and sigma 28/1.8 aspherical(first gen.); This film scans admirably and has less grain then PROPLUS II 100.

B&W was shot with pentax k1000;50/2A SMC on kodak TMAX 100 andor 400(maybe both);
12 min in tetenal ultrafin liquid 1+20 at 20 deg Celcius.

The file names are the picture names.

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