saw 2,work,a story of two cameras.

I am watchin saw2 – it is not bad -as far as new horror movies go.

work tommorow.woohoo.

developed two films one shot with the pentax 50/2 and one with the start’s helios 44 single coated. The helios pics have far better tonality.

my practika died so its not for sale- maybe as parts.

looking for nikon fm2 or nikon f2 to buy.

started getting into the job,bulk loading,soviet and post soviet movies

I started my work shift cycle.It is not as hard as I feared but not really easy also.

I bought a bulk loader and a 30.5 meter roll of ilford pan 400.

20 cassetes 12$
used loader 10$
bulk cassete of film 40$(expensive cause I am in Israel)

sums up to 62 $ for 20 or so 30-36 exposures cassetes.
a cassete of factory loaded 36 exp ilford pan 400 costs 6.5$.
20 of them would cost 130$,maybe 110$ after bulk buy discount.
I also got some chemical storage bottles and a graduated beaker free of charge.
need only a changing bag cause I am tired of improvising.

I have seen a couple of old soviet films.Ballad Of A Soldier and Komissar,the latter being the better one,while I liked both. I watched a new russian movie “First On The Moon” – a pseudo documentary about a russian moon landing conspiracy theory – inspired by Pelevin’s Amon Ra ,I presume.It is not bad at all.

my weekend

driven 50 km to buy goat cheese and wine.drove 50 km back and consumed them.was worth it.hmmmm goat chesse.took 15-20 pictures on the road.

watched a bob dylan documentary.holy shit batman this cat is cool.

yesterday i drank a 300 ml martini(medium dry = ginmartini 5050)+ a 500 ml bloody merry(125 ml vodka + tobasco bloody mary mix)was tanked for our troops.

Read Helmut Newton’s autobiography,man was he a prick.

Watched the second Resident Evil,it was a turd.

Got a call from Intel to reonfirm details,maybe they want me after all.

Tel Aviv,Mechanical Turk,Orwo

Been to Tel Aviv shot about 60 shots(bwcolor).Seen three guys with musical instruments and kermit the frog perform beatles songs.Was delighted and gave them small change.

Found out we have hundreds my dad’s ’75-’85 orwochromes stored in some cupboard.
Need to look at them and scan them.

Started playing the mechanical turk.Made 3.5 dollars.

beyt Guvrin and movies

Took a walk in the Beyt Guvrin national park(bell caves and byzantine church basillica ruins).Took 80 pics or so on color films using pentax k1000 SMC A 50/2 and praktica mtl3 135/2.8 pallas magenta am on konica minolta 200 vx and kodak gold 200.
It was grey and cloudy day and light was somewhat difficult especially in the caves.
Summer light usually plays wonderfull tricks there.
Hopefully the results would be satisfying

watched “the village” today
It was ok but not very believable

Now watching “Der Unhold”

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