Articles of clothing

All photos were taken with the nikon fm2n with 50/1.4 and possibly 28/1.8. The dog one is with flash(I suck at this)

Listened to “Pet Shop Boys – Actually” on Vynil(bought for 2.5$ yesterday). Pretty good (as pop goes).
Worked on A LOT of San Francisco pictures today.

Canon 7 – closed the deal

I closed the deal on the canon 7(+J-8 for the time being).

I sold the Pentax K1000+50/2A SMC. I liked it, but I need to clear some space and get some money for the RF lens.

Now I am looking for a 35/2.8 canon or 35/2.5 voigt.
Wouldn’t mind getting some sort of never ready caselower half of it for the canon.
Got anything to offer me?

Zorki 4; J-8 ; yellow filter;TMAX 400(in tetenal as usual)

New RF – Canon 7

Today I learned the Bessa R2 was sold to someone faster so I searched RFF and found a sweet deal on a canon 7. Will close shipping stuff tomorrow and will get it in a week or two.
Will use something russian on it until I get the cash(for a canon 50/1.8 or 35/2.8). Woohoo !!!

Here’s the portrait of Leutenant Dov(Millitary Air Traffic Controller) who I served with(this one is from reserve duty).
Zorki 4 with summitar – wide open and hand held at 1/25 or so(guessed exposure).
Film is either Tmax 100 or 400(the grain is due to wrong exposure – I kinda like it).

low light portraits

taken with a nikon fm2n with 50/1.4 and 75-150/3.5(monopod) on tmax 400

Vlad Sirotkin the bartender


Julia laughing
Read:Beautiful Loosers by Leonard Cohen(beutiful),Words by Sartre(pompous).Watched:The Illusionist(ok), The Queen(great acting – didn’t cover the more intresting periods), Flags of Our Fathers(ok), Hedwig and the Angry Inch(so-so. The Gummy Bear part was freakin’ brilliant), The Prestige(ok).


2001 – A space oddissey.
Pipe Nightmares

Monstrous constructs hang heavily over us

Zorki J-8,Tmax 100,Yellow filter
Bessa RI sold the Summitar to a gentleman from RFF, I will offer the pentax k1000 and zorki with j-12 and helios VF on RFF and Nelsonfoto soon enough. I Want a Bessa R(or bessa R2 if I get enough money from all of the above). I will use the j-8 until I can get something nicer(j-3?) and really considering the color scopar 35/2.5. Maybe a j-9 in the future.

Tel Aviv series – part 2

Camera porn. With original flashbulbs and reflectors. hhhhhhhhhm.

A cat leaving a seedy (meat oriented) fast-food joint – I say it barely escaped , Anna says it just had lunch there as a client.

The Che Guevara girl – I took 2-3 pictures around her until she got used to me enough for me to ask her to hold the Che poster. This is one of the discarded images,which at second glance looks appealing. She is deep in her own world cut away from the clients. Anna sees the image cut into three bits,the hand,the girl and the window reflection.Hm. A Tel-Aviv welcome. One of them nice old side street entrances I love.
Watched “Little Miss Sunshine”(brilliant) and “I Walk The Line”(average).

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