What I’ve been readin’ and watchin’

I finished reading:

Anais Nin’s Henry and June.I liked it.I wouldnt mind reading Inscest(the sequel).
Shamrock Tea and liked it as well,nice athmosphere.


I re – watched Cronenbergs “The Fly” it’s pretty good as far as quirky horror movies from the eighties go.
Herzog’s short Helcules.It is pointless, but it is his first short so it’s intresting if you want to see how he started.
The Ruttles-all you need is cash – Funny – a must for every Beatles fan.

To Do:
To read short story by Truman Capote and “In Cold Blood”.
Watch La Dolce Vita.

I need some negative holders for my enlarger. Anyone has meopta opemus III 35mm and 6×6 ones? Also true about a 8×10 easel and multicontrast filters.

Laughing eyes

Anna, my love, an 3-4 month old picture I had the mood to work on today.
Zorki 4,Jupiter 8 1/25 or 1/50 at f2 on delta 100 6 years expired in tetenal ultrafin 1+20 for 12 minutes(for high contrast). And they say normal lenses on rangefinders without paralax correction at minimum distance make bad portrait tools.
I got a very nice deal on a project J-12 with finder from Massimiliano Mortillaro on rff and I will close the deal any day now.


I got an enlarger+stuff(80 wetzlar lens, tanks, baths, lights, grainfocuser,timer etc.) from a friend today.It does up to 6×6.

It’s a meopta Opemus III(i think). It needs a little cleaning, a red filter,a multicontrast filter pack+drawer,50 lens and an easel(I got a small one,I need a 20×30 or 24×36 one). I am excited.I hope I’ll be able to do worthy prints within 6 months or so(taking into account my learning curve when learning film developing.).

a batch from the zorki 4 + jupiter 8 with yellow filter

tmax 100@64 in tetenal for 12 min at 20C I think.
part of an urban series. I might upload some more images.

Names: Cubicles for cars(near an Office building)/speed(back from work)
/try to fit in.

I got Shay Yochay into m42 lenses(on his canon 20d). He got several and doesnt have time to try them all. I loaned a cosinon 35/2.8 he got and put it via adapter on the pentax k1000,loaded it with tmax 400. Will try with and without red filter(depends on time of day). He also ordered a zenitar I want to try.

Back from reserve Duty – a fragile peace,grief

I have returned from my reserve duty which was a three day tutoring(by me)the new guys who came to replace the people that came after me.

On the 13th I discovered that the previous night a person I went to school for 4 years got killed in action. He was 24, a platoon leader in the armor corps. He is the youngest of his siblings. He had a girlfriend for six years.His main drive was the ressurection of jewish pride after the holocaust. He wasn’t a friend and I didnt keep in touch but I came to his funeral. I shot some pictures but I did it to distance myself from the scene.I didnt shoot the coffin or the family – I am not detached enough to use them as symbols.I shot the crowd.I dont know about posting the images though.I am not sure it is moral.

I hope the cease fire lasts and not just be used as a time to rearm the Hizbollah as the previous time.UN has a desire to end a conflict as soon as possible without thinking of consequenses and the USA wants to bomb everybody they dont like of the map – if Israel does it for them – even better.

I just want quiet.


The only medium format camera I have. Since I dont have easily accessable medium format scanning I bought it to print the wet way – and my enlarger is ready I just need to pick it up(which may take some time). Medium format always allured me – especially the square. I tried a medium format SLR(mamiya 645)but didnt like it.It’s ergonomics are horrible and the 6×4.5 negative didnt appeal to me.
I wouldn’t mind trying a medium format RF but they seem to be expensive or oldand with film flatness problems(folders). I got the yashicamat from a person in Israel(found it on a internet bill board) and Oleg Khalyavin overhauled it for me. I dont have the fresnel and the battery cap so the screen is a bit dim in the corners and the meter is dead(I use a handeld anyway).

I really like TLRS – their ergonomics and versatility is incredible.I think the esthetics and engeneering are splendid. I would like to try one of the TLR’s that have 35 mm capability(ricohflex,yashicamat 635 and rolleikin adapter) but can’t afford one now. I possibly got a source for scanning the negs so some pics may appear later.

I need lens caps and,ever ready case a hood for it.
For now I use it with a FED hood held in place by tension(the opening is narrowed with padding).

I am called for reserve duty in the military(refresher course) for a couple of days.

Movies I’ve seen lately

The Proposition – Nick caves “Western”.Good.The violence is very graphic. I like his music more(and his book less).

Million Dollar Baby – Nice albeit the mandatory holywood cliches.Clint still got it.

C.R.A.Z.Y. – nice film.excellent soundtrack.

Aguirre ,the wrath of God – Werner Herzog and Klaus Kinsky are children of Satan.They scare me.Great Movie.

Texas Chainsaw Messacre – The remake – not bad – the story changed – the spirit is there.I missed the feeding scene. I am waiting for the prequel.

Pirates of the carribean – dead man’s chest – Good enough if you liked the first one.

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