Tel Aviv…color,leica

My first roll with the m3 and a loaned modern summicron I loaned from Alexz(thanks).

I had an eventfull and pleasurable night with a tinge of idiocy.
I went out for a beer with Lt. Angelina(an old army friend), we sat at the bar and the bartender loaded us with shnapss and beer so I slept at her place. When I woke up I went for the car and didnt find it, so I started calling the tow companies, which Tel Aviv is famous for. After 20 minutes I understood I parked in the next street, so ashamed and humbled I went to have breakfast(which was very pleasant – because of the company,not the food).

Luciano Pavarotti RIP

It is a damn shame. I listened to his arias from Turandot last night.

I shot several films lately,developed several,scanned some and worked on some more.
I have something like 100 pics to post – street and portrait.
I possibly found a summicron to replace my summaron.

My internet provider decided he hates me. Please be patient.

I love living in the center.Theres always something to do – as long as you have the energy. I met some people old and new and enjoyed it immensly.Especially a specific new person.

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