Let me tell you a story…
Some time ago a couple of friends visited me. we drank some(LOTS) of wine and had fun. This resulted in two sets.
One of Vlad(daytime trix@1600 diafine), and one of Anastasia(night time tmax400@1600 tetenal). Both are happy with the results and want more.

the piercing eyes in the third just hit you like a sniper bullet.

I closed a deal on a CLA’d mamiya M645J,sekor 80/2.8,two inserts,non metering prism and grip for half it’s price. Even if I dont like it I can always resell it for this price.

Who wants to feed me until the end of the month?

Looking towards a brighter future

one is on trix@1600 in diafine and one is plusx(more likely) or tmax 100 in tetenal.

I got a LG 1900J LCD monitor. I cant look at mine anymore – the colors are wrong and the settings are hardly adjustable. It also kills my eyes.

I have a potential buyer for the yashicamat.
The summaron reached Sherry Krauter(so there goes my yashicamat money).
I also got a negative holder for 35mm(for free!) for my meopta(thank Payasam from RFF).My hands itch!Must get easel!

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