Got around today to do this to my canonet.It works wonders making it focusable anywhere.Thank you Rick Oleson!
I ran around like a maniac and shot a roll of PAN F.

When I entered a store (which a friend tipped me had an enlarger in the display window) I found an Iskra 1,Lubitel 2 laying on shelves amidst film and difital point and shoots and a FK(13×18 or 18×24 I dont know) in the corner. I asked if the cmeras are in working condition and the salesperson(and owner of the store)said yes.When I said I would like to purchase the Iskra he said it’s there for ornamental purposes only. A working Iskra in excellent condition not for sale(sob). And the Enlarger(NEVA)he gave away a couple of days ago. God is playing tricks on me.

Yesterday I practicly finished “The Fall and Rise Of Mister Y”.It is a short collection of stories(a compilation of Y.Geffens columns 2000-2005)and it is very good allthough too political for me.

I started reading Salman Rushdie’s Devil Verses and quite enjoy it so far allthough it cryptic and requires my full concentration.

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