Hello world!You suck!

Hello,this is the first post.
Is this thing on?

Went around the old city of Beer Sheba for arangements with Anna and took some pics with my pentax k1000 and 50/2 lens.Forgot how smooth it is and how much I missed it using my praktica mtl3 and yashicamat.

Yesterday developed 10 films,sent them for scanning today.

4 thoughts on “Hello world!You suck!

  1. The k-1000 is fully mechanical,relies on batteries for metering only,uses pentax and not nikon lenses (which are cheaper,more downwards compatible and,great) and much more reliable.
    It is also much better machined(worse then the mechanical nikons though).
    Unfortunately it weighs more and has a louder shutter which syncs at 1/60 and not 1/90(or 1/125?)as the fg does.

  2. In my limited experience the loudest is the copal square(nikon and such) then cloth then copal(compur and such).The amount of noise is also dependant on the springs being tight and the lubricants not being sticky.

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