Got home

The interview was some kind of test and CV exchanging hands. Answer in a week. I am not optimistic. Got a load of old film and a skylight filter for my canonet to drown my mysey. Seen a Rolleiflex in shitty condotion for too much money.
Took some pictures but it’s hard to be inspired with a 3 kilo shoulder pack in 35degree celsius and 80% humidity.


Got around today to do this to my canonet.It works wonders making it focusable anywhere.Thank you Rick Oleson!
I ran around like a maniac and shot a roll of PAN F.

When I entered a store (which a friend tipped me had an enlarger in the display window) I found an Iskra 1,Lubitel 2 laying on shelves amidst film and difital point and shoots and a FK(13×18 or 18×24 I dont know) in the corner. I asked if the cmeras are in working condition and the salesperson(and owner of the store)said yes.When I said I would like to purchase the Iskra he said it’s there for ornamental purposes only. A working Iskra in excellent condition not for sale(sob). And the Enlarger(NEVA)he gave away a couple of days ago. God is playing tricks on me.

Yesterday I practicly finished “The Fall and Rise Of Mister Y”.It is a short collection of stories(a compilation of Y.Geffens columns 2000-2005)and it is very good allthough too political for me.

I started reading Salman Rushdie’s Devil Verses and quite enjoy it so far allthough it cryptic and requires my full concentration.

first experience with the canonet

great lens.killer sharp.great color rendition.meter ok for print film.
very quiet shutter.small size.hand holdable at 1/4 as easy as 1/30 in SLR.
quick focus(if not dark or contra-lit).great flash.

The rangefinder is very uncomofrtabe for me as a SLR user.
The inability to focus on something that is not in the center of the finder,especially at large apertures is a killer.The lack of depth of field table is uncomfortable.

need more experience i guess.

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