Acre Market Fabric salesman

(handheld 1/125 or 1/60 at f4),the city of Acre(Akko)market.

The bronica(one back,two lenses,minolta iiif meter+spot attachment,420ex flash with batteries,speedgrip, no strap,6-10 rolls of film) all jammed into a small crumpler bag(which I usually use for leicanikon) is very heavy and unwieldy for a day in the field but OK for a small hike. I am guessing a more reasonable use would be with a backpack and a small side pouch for meterextra lens.And a monopod.

I had to return the loaner back to it’s owner today – so the bronica is out of use until KEH responds to the faulty back i sent them andor I get another one.

I do like the system a lot(I would like the 150 to focus closer with no closeup lens of course).

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