Adi in color

the photos in this series go gradualy brigher.

the color is all quirky because the film is expired,underexposed and under hot lights. I generally like the result. I want to shoot her more. Cant wait to get the mamiya.

The Leica m3 is done and will be shipped within a week so I need to start thinking about selling the canon 7 body – any takers?

INGMAR BERGMAN is dead at 89,may the gods rest his melancholic, northern soul.
MICHELANGELO ANTONIONI is dead at 94. same day.I just watched Blow Up recently and have the Passanger on my HD.

Adi in dark tones

After a couple of days working with the new monitor my observations are:
1)the contrast is decent but not great – worse then my old viewsonic crt
2)the sync. rate is slow
3)the picture changes dramaticly when you change your angle of view

nevertheless it is comfortable and enough for consumer usage.

Another thing I discovered is that plus-x looks like crap in diafine(@400).

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