what did i watch today

Today have been a day of laziness and indulging in doing nothing.
Watched Alejandro Jodorowsky’s Sacred Mountain.I dont take the right kind oif drugs to get it I guess.It is sick shit for the sake of being sick.And shitty.

Finished watching Dziga Vertov’s “Человек с киноаппаратом”.A great depiction of the “New” late twenties idealised Russia and its relentless pace while showing the human side and the work of the documentary maker in two layers(the cameraman is shot shooting his enviroment).I realy loved the way the camera is portrayed as an active partner in the making of the film.

Dziga Vertov claimed that the only cinema to be made in the Soviet Union is documentary and his documentary has artistic sides and not dry documentation as if to compensate.

Finished watching Chinese Box.Great movie.It’s hard to believe the same diector that made it and Smoke also made Maid In Manhattan.


Been to some arrangments.I got the notion nothing can be done in Israel without someone trying to fuck you over,like a clerk asking for a comission for himslef and a release from responsibility form without his employers concent.
I hate it,I really do.

Watched Saw yesterday,it’s OK but not great.

El Angel Exterminador

watched El Angel Exterminador and the short Bunuel made with Dali.
There’s surely something in the soilwaterair in Spain.

Books are to expensive around here.Yesterday I saw “Midnight’s Children”(with Henri Cartier Bressons “Punjab 1948″on the cover) in paperback for 20$!
Mayaoto Musashi’s book of five rings pocketbook for 10$!These books used to cost 40-50% of their current prices here just a couple of years ago.

daily movie reviews:

Just watched:
almodovars “la Ley del deseo”.Good script,shitty direction.Very old fashioned.
Funny to see Banderas as a gay obsessive youth and not the usual suave latino lover.
“Турецкий Гамбит” – an epic piece of shit.A russian try to outholywood holywood.


yesterday I finished reading The Devils Verses-it is a good book,I should look up more Rushdie’s book in bookinists stores,bough a couple of Herman Hesse’s books(the “last summer of klingzor-three early short stories” and “the glass bead game”)one by Julio Kortasar(don’t remember which).

Klingzor is the name of the wizard in Wolfram von Echenbauch’s “Percival” and other european tales of chivalry.

Finished watching the two seasons of Carnivale.Good show..Suprising how a bunch of shitty actors can create a good movie.Good directing and a HUGE budget I guess.

Carnivale is an italian word(16 century) from which the english one is derived.
It means “the taking away of meat”(Webster).That explains the weird spelling.

Will go to Barcelona in the end of the month with Anna for a week.Will clean my head.

saturday noon

just finished watching “La Mala educación” almodovar films keep oscilating around a decent level,some are a fall and some are a rise(like a sinus function).
The best one is “Todo sobre mi madre” in my opinion.

I like post new wave european cinema(Francois Ozon,Almodovar,some Kostarica).
It is not as blatant as Pauzolini.I want to watch some new wave films Benuel,Godar.We live in an age when only the zitty movie buffs still know those names but thmselves dream to produce the next Lord Of The Rings which they consider to be a masterpiece of epic proportions.

Got home

The interview was some kind of test and CV exchanging hands. Answer in a week. I am not optimistic. Got a load of old film and a skylight filter for my canonet to drown my mysey. Seen a Rolleiflex in shitty condotion for too much money.
Took some pictures but it’s hard to be inspired with a 3 kilo shoulder pack in 35degree celsius and 80% humidity.

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