I seem to like taking pictures of stuff people arent generally intrested in, yet I would like to get appreceation and finance my hobby without shooting weddings. I lost online contests to worse pictures with unintresting content – naked ladies with arched backs on beaches and cuddly kittens – overphotoshoped cliche’s with vynil skin tones and no texture(digital color IS dreamy). The only picture ever winning a contest was this one:

Pentax k1000 K mount to m42 adapter,zenit extension rings,pentacon 50/1.8 at f1.8 1/125,konica minolta 200VX film and one tablelamp.

third place in Haifa Technion monthly contest- a subscription to DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY a second tier Israeli magazine with no content whatsoever.

A couple of “pictures of the day” at

I will continue searching for codes and second meanings in the mundane and become graduatly poorer. I cant get any decent prints and my darkroom isn’t ready yet.

new stereo – bear with me

I purchased a mint Rega Planar record player(330$);a new grado gold cartridge(145$)
and well used Infinity speakers(three element – ribbon tweeter new membranes) from the seventies(175$).

Hooked it with my sony TA-70 integrated amp and can’t stop listening to music for 3 days now.

I will get a rotel CD and some kind of old school analogue ampreciever in the foreseeable future.


Krematoriy – a russian rock band that started in the early eighties and still keeps going. Was a bitching show. I almost cried hearing the songs I grew up listening.

fm2n fujifilm 400 x-tra ; 800 fuji press

I know there was a secret cord that David played and he pleased the Lord

This picture makes me think of Leonard Cohen. Petax K-1000;50/2A SMC;tmax 400 in tetenal 1+20 for 12 minutes

Of to Prague (6 days 5 nights)in 2 days with Anna(My girlfriend). I am excited. I take to much equipment and end up using the 50 lens.

I will take a nikon fm2n 50/1.4AI;28/1.8 sigma aspherical;75-135/3.5 e series for color and a pentax k1000+50/2A SMC for black and white,two small flashes(one smaller one bigger),cable release, tabletop tripod, polarizer, yellow and red filters,5 rolls of fujifilm x-tra 400,2 of proplus II 100,4 of tmax 400 and 4 of tmax 100. I might get some slide films there. If the yashicamat would be working I’d take it for black and white but , alas, it is at the fixers.

Jerusalem in Color

shot on this easter,and the one before it.

The young woman before of the altar was a tourist who just strated singing latin psalms in a clear voice which resonated of the high ceiling. It was a religious experience even for me(being a non practicing non religous Jew).The colors are dimmed on purpose(Gimp 2)fujifilm x-tra 400 nikon fm2n 50/1.4 AI.

The red robe was just hanging in a corner of the grotto church in Gethsphemane gardens fujifilm proplus II 100 nikon fm2n 50/1.4 AI(f1.4 1/30).

The Armenian priests is a picture from one year ago in the church of the holy sepulchre. Practika mtl 3 50/1.8 pentacon lens,kodak gold 200(I think)(1.8 1/30). The praktica is dead now and I exchanged it’s corpse(with a minolta x-300 corpse and a sigma zoom for the minolta) for a changing bag and a tabletop tripod.


I developed several films from my new zorki 4 with jupiter 8 so an illustrated review will be posted soon enough.

blog to photoblog

Sometimes the mundane captures your eye more then the spectacular.

pentax k-1000 dont remember the film(pan 400).

lifeless thai marionette.I think it it someone morbid. These tourist trinkets made by the locals are lifeless and scary.

Taken with a start soviet slr with a helios 44 on ilford pan 400@800 in tetenal ultrafin 1+20. Not bad for a for a 47 year old camera with a 49 year old lens with film I just cant handle.

I traded my canonet GIII QL for a sigma 28/1.8 for my nikon.
I have mixed feelings about the canonet – I think it’s a great lens trapped in a shitty camera.I know it has a large following,i JUST DONT LIKE IT (And the 5 element diaphragm is awfull).
The sigma is great-at least according to negatives. It has crazy distorsion which I like. I got the zorki 4 + jupiter 8 (1958) from Oleg Khalyavin and shot 2.5 films through it. I am now considering a jupiter 12

Review will be posted soon.

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