beyt Guvrin and movies

Took a walk in the Beyt Guvrin national park(bell caves and byzantine church basillica ruins).Took 80 pics or so on color films using pentax k1000 SMC A 50/2 and praktica mtl3 135/2.8 pallas magenta am on konica minolta 200 vx and kodak gold 200.
It was grey and cloudy day and light was somewhat difficult especially in the caves.
Summer light usually plays wonderfull tricks there.
Hopefully the results would be satisfying

watched “the village” today
It was ok but not very believable

Now watching “Der Unhold”

dr tetenal or how i stopped fearing and started using ultrafin

Yesterday while mixing ID-11 developer the mixing beaker slid out of my hands and spilled 3/4 of the liter I had.I dilluted it 1:1 and used it to get so so results.After sitting around and moping for a hour I remembered that I have a 3/4 liter of 3 years expired tetenal yoni gave me so I decided to give it a go on a non important film and oh boy!The results are fabulous!I developed 10 films in it (including 5 from barcelona)and sent it to scanning and I will presumably post them in my portfolio in a week or so.

Sent 19 films to scandevelop.11 color 8 BW.

Just wanted to share.

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