Last Emperor ; Broken Flowers ; Nosferatu 1979

Watched the last emperor – the long 200 minute version – it is a very good movie – which has suprisingly little anachronisms,and bitchin’ acting. The advisors are reputedly the emperors brother(or cousin) and his biographer.

Watched Broken Flowers. A good movie but hardly Jaramusch at his best. Bill Murray found the golden middle between comedy and drama and towards the later years of his career shows his real talent.

Watched Nosferatu The Phantom of the Night(Werner Herzog’s remake of Murnau’s 1922 silent film) with Isabella Adjani and Klaus Kinski – I watched the german version – I know of a English one in exsistance with the original actors voices – it wasn’t dubbed but shot parallel.

The movie is a perfect blend of the original Nosferatu and Dracula, leaning towards Nosferatu.If you take into acound that 55 years, color, sound,the copyright to dracula(which was the reason for the changed names in Nosferatu 1922),the 1979 version having a miniscule budget and being shot in Delft and West Germany(Instead of Bremen and Slovakia) are the differences between the original and the remake – the movie is still faithull to the origin. Even The added scenes(A lot of the scenes are one foe one)are in place.A great leisurely paced horror with a strong dramatic and humane emphasis – the horror being less important than the drama. I like the portrayal of Dr. Van Helsing as a older friend of the family and a Medical Doctor and not the bravado vampire hunter he is in the book. The actors are superb and their physical appearance fits perfectly with their roles.

Yashica is dead. Kurosawa’s Dreams

Yashica was looking deadish and I decided to send it to Oleg Khalyavin.
After I let it lay for a week or so I tried to work the shutter-no response. I disasembled it and found the problem is in the copal shutter Assembly.That sucks.Hope Oleg can fix it.I ordered a Zorki 4 with Jupiter 8 from him.
Thats the second camera that died this month – the other is a practika mtl3.
I have noooo luck.

Watched Akira Kurosawa’s Dreams(Yume)-you can see that the man was trained as a painter. The whole movie is like a series of paintings of different schools. To what level do you need to get in order to make your dreams into a movie(and not being in porn)?

saw 2,work,a story of two cameras.

I am watchin saw2 – it is not bad -as far as new horror movies go.

work tommorow.woohoo.

developed two films one shot with the pentax 50/2 and one with the start’s helios 44 single coated. The helios pics have far better tonality.

my practika died so its not for sale- maybe as parts.

looking for nikon fm2 or nikon f2 to buy.

started getting into the job,bulk loading,soviet and post soviet movies

I started my work shift cycle.It is not as hard as I feared but not really easy also.

I bought a bulk loader and a 30.5 meter roll of ilford pan 400.

20 cassetes 12$
used loader 10$
bulk cassete of film 40$(expensive cause I am in Israel)

sums up to 62 $ for 20 or so 30-36 exposures cassetes.
a cassete of factory loaded 36 exp ilford pan 400 costs 6.5$.
20 of them would cost 130$,maybe 110$ after bulk buy discount.
I also got some chemical storage bottles and a graduated beaker free of charge.
need only a changing bag cause I am tired of improvising.

I have seen a couple of old soviet films.Ballad Of A Soldier and Komissar,the latter being the better one,while I liked both. I watched a new russian movie “First On The Moon” – a pseudo documentary about a russian moon landing conspiracy theory – inspired by Pelevin’s Amon Ra ,I presume.It is not bad at all.

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