Statskiy Sovetnik ; Hell is for Heroes – Learn how to be a man from Mcqeen

watched the two above mentioned movies.

Statskiy sovetnik is pretty good(much better then Turkish Gambit) but still a russian try to outholywood holywood. A cast of accomplished actors makes the movie a good one but it’s the same actors you see in every new russian movie(plus 2 or 3old school one -Tabakov,Menshikov,Mikhalkov)

Hell is for Heroes is a movie worth watching as a mandatory manliness lesson from Steve Mcqeen. It is impossible being a pansy after watching him. Even with such a queer ass last name and the fact he went back into religion before he died he still is the man.

Now a biography leeched from imdb and commented by me

“Steve McQueen was known for his wild antics and crazy lifestyle. He loved motorcycles(triumph) and fast cars. He performed most of his stunts and many he wasn’t supposed to.”

Everyone knows that a manly man needs to be a speed freak. Triumph bikes are for real men.

“Trained in Tang Soo Do with 9th degree blackbelt Corps.Was a pallbearer at the funeral of Bruce Lee.Served in the United States Marine “

Violence is manly.being connected to the king of ultra violence is Meega-Manly.
Serving in the marines is Giga-Manly.It is so manly you grow extra nuts.

“In the sixties, he publically threatened to break Howard Hughes nose if Hughes did not stop harassing Mamie Van Doren, a woman both men had had affairs with, but at different times. Needless to say, Hughes never bothered Van Doren again.”

Hughes is the aviator as portrayed but that girl leonardo dicaprio.Tell me you wouldnt like to kick his ass.

“Dropped out of school in 9th grade.Was expelled from the Carnegie Institute of Technology (now Carnegie Mellon University) for riding his motorcycle through the College of Fine Arts building.”

Schools out for summer.

To sum up – the last 3 or so minutes of the movie Hell is for Heroes should teach you how to die like a Real Man-through dynamite at nazi pillbox,get machineguned,repeat,die.

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